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362 1028d 12h f9daq /pcivme-3.2/  
44 3738d 09h f9daq /pcivme-3.2/driver/ Removed bug in proc_read_fops.  
43 3738d 12h f9daq /pcivme-3.2/driver/ update to kernel version=3.13
create_proc_read_entry is depricated
11 4080d 11h f9daq /pcivme-3.2/ added lseek function to the driver.
Default lseek functionality was changed for kernel in ubuntu 12.04 wrt 10.04.
This driver now works in Ubuntu 12.04 3.5.0-30-generic
Modified the Makefile and pcivme_load.
9 4093d 13h f9daq /pcivme-3.2/ Wiener PCIADA driver for VMEMM