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336 1688d 03h f9daq /lab/izolirana_perfuzija_udov/  
181 2728d 04h f9daq /lab/sipmscan/trunk/ Edited the fitting procedure for relative PDE  
174 2786d 03h f9daq /lab/sipmscan/trunk/settings/ Adding default settings files in order to reset after program crashes (gkukec).  
173 2786d 03h f9daq /lab/sipmscan/trunk/ Fixed some bugs and added settings files for recovering from program crashes (gkukec).  
172 2791d 06h f9daq /lab/sipmscan/trunk/ Fixed a few things. Added integration of surface scans.  
167 2840d 23h f9daq /lab/sipmscan/trunk/ Added a way to display fit to ADC spectrum during analysis, a way to export plots and a way to select position units for plots. Fixed normalization for surface scans and edited opening dialogs, so that they open in the same folder as the one used previously for opening files for analysis (gkukec).  
146 2967d 23h f9daq /lab/sipmscan/trunk/ Uploading a new version of sipmscan to /lab/sipmscan/trunk (gkukec).  
145 2969d 05h f9daq /lab/sipmscan/ Moving the old version from ./trunk to ./trunk_v0.9 in preparation for sipmscan program update (gkukec).  
130 3232d 02h f9daq /lab/sipmscan/fieldpoint_standalone/ A standalone version of fieldpoint temperature sensor that is more stable (gkukec).  
129 3232d 02h f9daq /lab/sipmscan/trunk/ New version of sipmscan with fixed fitting bugs, support for header editing, support for multiple channel acquisition and additional settings for angle and temperature measurements (gkukec).  
128 3305d 02h f9daq /lab/sipmscan/trunk/ New version of sipmscan with FP temperature sensor and incidence angle support (gkukec).  
127 3331d 02h f9daq /lab/sipmscan/trunk/ New version of sipmscan with a limited Tektronix scope support (gkukec)  
117 3355d 00h f9daq /lab/sipmscan/trunk/ First trunk version of sipmscan added (gkukec).  
116 3355d 01h f9daq /lab/sipmscan/ Tar-ball version (gkukec).  
115 3358d 03h f9daq /lab/sipmscan/  
114 3358d 03h f9daq /lab/