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316 2108d 23h f9daq /drs/ dodana analiza za merjenje temperaturne odvisnosti sipm backgrounda in signala  
301 2228d 17h f9daq /drs/ add histograms for 4 ch adc  
300 2228d 17h f9daq /drs/ add histograms for 4 channels adc  
208 2736d 23h f9daq /drs/ creation of new output root file for each position point
adding the option to skip first n events
206 2741d 19h f9daq /drs/ bug in the position header removed  
205 2743d 19h f9daq /drs/ position record and star position record decoder changed  
204 2744d 23h f9daq /drs/ bug in the cftime calculation removed.
storage of the histograms in the root file added.
202 2751d 19h f9daq /drs/ posrec decoder added  
199 2755d 23h f9daq /drs/  
192 2763d 17h f9daq /drs/  
182 2772d 17h f9daq /drs/ updated version .... rok  
180 2797d 23h f9daq /drs/ GUI added
positive edge waveform analysis added
175 2845d 23h f9daq /drs/ Updated version. Can read different formats  
101 3524d 19h f9daq /drs/