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321 2100d 13h f9daq /belle2/masterclass/js/ update of particle names  
320 2100d 19h f9daq /belle2/masterclass/ replace mb_substr with substr  
319 2100d 19h f9daq /belle2/masterclass/ multiple histograms can be added to the selector and combiner.  
318 2101d 19h f9daq /belle2/masterclass/ Polishing of the code, tooltips, helpurl  
302 2198d 16h f9daq /belle2/masterclass/ Removal of bugs,
same particle option to remove combinatorics
277 2477d 17h f9daq /belle2/masterclass/src/ bug in the naming of the function removed  
276 2486d 14h f9daq /belle2/masterclass/ update  
275 2486d 14h f9daq /belle2/masterclass/ Update link in the main panel  
274 2486d 14h f9daq /belle2/masterclass/ script to download the latest code and to update a local repository  
273 2519d 08h f9daq /belle2/masterclass/ added cos theta histogramming  
272 2519d 11h f9daq /belle2/masterclass/ Added additional quantities to histogram (charge, px,py,pz,pT, id)  
271 2519d 14h f9daq /belle2/masterclass/ GUI update: several particles were missing in the seelctor list.  
270 2519d 15h f9daq /belle2/masterclass/ draw fit box : SetOptFit(1111)  
269 2520d 03h f9daq /belle2/masterclass/ Initial values for fit parameters can be set.  
268 2520d 12h f9daq /belle2/masterclass/ Fit of the histogram added  
267 2527d 13h f9daq /belle2/masterclass/ print particle list )limitide to maximal 100 events),
reduce double counting in the case of combination of particles from the same particle list.
266 2528d 06h f9daq /belle2/masterclass/ different quantities can be plotted, in the selector all particles can be selected  
194 2758d 07h f9daq /belle2/masterclass/ bug in the link removed  
193 2758d 08h f9daq /belle2/ Belle II masterclass