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350 1556d 00h f9daq /belle2/masterclass/ Max number of histograms is 10, funMaxtrix extended.  
349 1556d 00h f9daq /belle2/masterclass/ Hide button Draw function and columns Fix and Bond  
348 1556d 18h f9daq /belle2/masterclass/ Do not include the binary files in the distribution package.
Do not update the code on the central server (security hole)
347 1557d 01h f9daq /belle2/masterclass/ fixed names of parameters
bigger function display 32px
table margin-left added
346 1557d 17h f9daq /belle2/masterclass/ Updated path for help page.
Changed default datasource.
345 1557d 21h f9daq /belle2/masterclass/ updates function display when polOrder is moved  
344 1558d 02h f9daq /belle2/masterclass/ Updated code with fitting and MathJax functions display  
343 1560d 21h f9daq /belle2/masterclass/ Commented out final error log  
333 1806d 04h f9daq /belle2/masterclass/ added delta mass wrt to the 1,2 (3) particle in the combiners  
332 1809d 20h f9daq /belle2/masterclass/ In the combiner, if you don't select particle name, the energy is not recalculated from the seelcted mass  
331 1809d 21h f9daq /belle2/masterclass/src/ bug in the three particle decay removed  
330 1809d 23h f9daq /belle2/masterclass/ added combiner for three particles  
329 1810d 02h f9daq /belle2/masterclass/ added Lambda0 to the combiner  
325 1882d 18h f9daq /belle2/masterclass/ Project name change  
324 1882d 18h f9daq /belle2/masterclass/ Include license agreement and Users Manual  
321 2045d 01h f9daq /belle2/masterclass/js/ update of particle names  
320 2045d 07h f9daq /belle2/masterclass/ replace mb_substr with substr  
319 2045d 07h f9daq /belle2/masterclass/ multiple histograms can be added to the selector and combiner.  
318 2046d 07h f9daq /belle2/masterclass/ Polishing of the code, tooltips, helpurl  
302 2143d 04h f9daq /belle2/masterclass/ Removal of bugs,
same particle option to remove combinatorics

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