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45 3712d 07h f9daq /elektronika/ Mapa za nacrte tiskanih vezij in HDL programsko opremo.  
44 3729d 09h f9daq /pcivme-3.2/driver/ Removed bug in proc_read_fops.  
43 3729d 12h f9daq /pcivme-3.2/driver/ update to kernel version=3.13
create_proc_read_entry is depricated
42 3742d 17h f9daq /wiener_pcivme_dll/ fix include files.
log initialization in the file.
41 3742d 18h f9daq /wiener_pcivme/ driver working on Win8.1' if not found uninstall and install the driver.  
40 3743d 16h f9daq /sipmScan/ File with initial parameters moved d2r -> sipmScan, TDC offset per channel is now relative  
39 3748d 16h f9daq /sipmScan/src/ TDC offset change. Relative offset in .ini file  
38 3753d 12h f9daq /sipmScan/ Root style in one file -> RTSetStyle()  
37 3753d 12h f9daq /sipmScan/ c and c++ language according older standard (f9lab06)  
36 3755d 11h f9daq /sipmScan/ Bias scan analysis.  
35 3756d 10h f9daq /sipmScan/ Merge with files from computer f9pc36  
34 3756d 10h f9daq /sipmScan/ SiPM bias scan project and c file added  
33 3757d 13h f9daq /sipmScan/ Bias scan. Initial commit  
32 3757d 15h f9daq /sipmScan/ Added pcivme_ni.dll. Projects compile now.  
31 3759d 11h f9daq /sipmScan/ sipmScan initial commit: include dir and project files  
30 3759d 11h f9daq /sipmScan/examples/ Sipm scan initial commit: examples  
29 3759d 11h f9daq /sipmScan/src/ Sipm scan initial commit: src  
28 3759d 11h f9daq /sipmScan/ Sipm scan initial commit: include  
27 3759d 12h f9daq /lightguide/trunk/ Remove from svn .kdev4 and .root_hist  
26 3759d 12h f9daq /lightguide/trunk/ Removing results and presentation directories  

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