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17 3775d 05h f9daq / project rename  
16 3775d 06h f9daq /wiener_pciada/ pcivme dll  
15 4011d 01h f9daq /pts/ enable long options  
14 4038d 16h f9daq /pcivme-3.2/lib/ removed unnecessary printfs  
13 4040d 00h f9daq /pcivme-3.2/lib/ removed debug printouts  
12 4040d 00h f9daq /pts/ KEK pts controller original import  
11 4040d 01h f9daq /pcivme-3.2/ added lseek function to the driver.
Default lseek functionality was changed for kernel in ubuntu 12.04 wrt 10.04.
This driver now works in Ubuntu 12.04 3.5.0-30-generic
Modified the Makefile and pcivme_load.
10 4053d 02h f9daq /pcivme-3.2/driver/ cleaning  
9 4053d 02h f9daq /pcivme-3.2/ Wiener PCIADA driver for VMEMM  
8 4094d 04h f9daq /8SMC1-USBhF/libusmc/ Initial import  
7 4094d 04h f9daq /8SMC1-USBhF/usmctest/ Initial import.  
6 4094d 04h f9daq /8SMC1-USBhF/ USB controller for the USMC STanda stages. New import.  
5 4157d 03h f9daq /petdaqfmf/ PC - Wiener USBVME - CAEN QDC  
4 4157d 04h f9daq /petrecofmf/ Makefile change  
3 4157d 04h f9daq /petrecofmf/ Initial commit  
2 4157d 04h f9daq /petrecofmf/ Initial commit  
1 4157d 04h f9daq /petrecofmf/ Initial submission