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To run the detector, type in the terminal:

root -l examples/load.cxx

As default, this shows the light guide, draws 30 rays (out of 10000 simulated), and shows the statistics.

Main files:

1) src/guide.cpp
The plane, ray, guide and detector classes and functions. Class DetectorParameters holds all the variables needed for the guide and detector:
 a - the lower (smaller) side of the light guide
 b - the upper side
 M - magnification ratio = b/a
 d - the length of the light guide
 activeDetector - the side of the photon detector (SiPM)

All surfaces are refractive, the probability of reflection is calculated using the Fresnel equations:
 n1 - the refractive index of the upper surface (default: air)
 n2 - r. i. inside the detector (default: borosilicate glass K9 1.53 @ 404 nm)
 n3 - r. i. on the lower surface (default: optical cement)

2) src/raySimulator.cpp
One or multiple ray simulator functions.

3) src/userFunctions.cpp
The main user functions. Draws rays in specified pattern (single, grid or isotropic) and calculates acceptance of the light guide.

4) src/RTUtil.h
ROOT Utilites