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#pragma once

#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {

/* Parameters description structure - must be the same for all RP controllers */
typedef struct rp_app_params_s {
    char  *name;
    float  value;
    int    fpga_update;
    int    read_only;
    float  min_val;
    float  max_val;
} rp_app_params_t;

/* module entry points */
const char *rp_app_desc(void);
int rp_app_init(void);
int rp_app_exit(void);
int rp_set_params(rp_app_params_t *p, int len);
int rp_get_params(rp_app_params_t **p);
int rp_get_signals(float ***s, int *sig_num, int *sig_len);

#ifdef __cplusplus